Heavy Feather Trading 50 cc offers the following services


Plasma Cutting      2 x CNC Plasma Cutters         1mm to 50mm

Profile Cutting       1 x Oxyfuel Profile Cutter       6mm to 400mm

Bending                  350 Ton Hydraulic Bender    1mm to 30mm

Rolling                                                                        1mm to 30mm

Guillotine                                                                   1mm to 6mm

1 x CNC Bandsaw

Steel Supplies                                                          Pipes, Beams, Angles, Channels, Handrails and Tubing

Radial Arc Drill                                                        Drilling  /  Countersink / Shamfer


Trucks for Hire

  • 18 Ton Horse and Trailer
  • 5 Ton Truck
  • 3x 1 Tonners